Blue Sky Library and Resource Center – 2/20/2013

Blue Sky (also known as the Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts) is primarily a gallery space whose mission is to showcase both new and established photographers.  Their downtown Portland location also houses a library, though, and for that reason I took a few minutes away from my (unofficial) brewpub tour to check them out.  I may have missed a few beers, but it was definitely worth it!

2013-02-20 14.57.53

The library is small, but bright and invitingly organized around a large table well-suited to the opening of hefty photography books.  The collection spans a variety of photography-related topics: individual photographers, photography theory, and even technical manuals.  All are well-labeled and easy to identify.  While the small library’s collection does not circulate, the gallery staff welcomed me warmly to the library and left me to peruse the materials without interruption for quite some time.  For anyone with an interest in photography, the Blue Sky Library and Resource Center seems like both a great resource and a wonderful, quiet place to study.

2013-02-20 14.53.15

For more information about the library, visit their website at 

Historic Theaters Library – 01/30/2013

I’m sorry to report that I have no photos of this library.  I went with a friend and one does not embarrass one’s friends by taking nerdy library photos.  Nevertheless, I hope this text is enough to encourage you to stop by the Historic Theaters Library at the Paramount Theater in downtown Seattle.

This tiny (one room) library is simply lovely.  Even if you are like me and have minimal interest in historic theaters, the passion of the volunteers who run the library will spark your curiosity.  You will suddenly, as if by magic, find yourself intrigued by historic blueprints and painstakingly collected photocopies of newspaper clippings detailing the whole history of the three Seattle Theater Group theaters.  You might even find that you are lingering to hear stories about people and artifacts that you had previously taken entirely for granted.

For more information about visiting the library, check out their webpage: