Royal Ontario Museum Main Library – 12/20/13

2013-12-20 15.39.51


I have no photos from inside the Royal Ontario Museum’s (ROM) Main Library, but I hope this picture, of the library’s exterior, will pique your curiosity sufficiently to prompt you to visit both the museum and the library on your next visit to Toronto.

Like any good Toronto native, I have been a ROM enthusiast since before I can remember and have always delighted in visiting the museum’s galleries – the ancient Egyptian exhibit, in particular – but it wasn’t until this winter that I learned about the museum library tucked away on the first floor and open to the public, for free!

While the library space is small, its collection of periodicals (which are on display as soon as you walk into the library) is NOT.  I have to admit, I don’t really have a good idea of what else the library has to offer because I was completely consumed the number and variety of periodicals in the collection: everything from The Chronicle of Early American Industries Association to the News of the Lepidopterists Society was available for perusal by library users!

I know the library collects much more than periodicals, but the collection of esoteric journals its self is worth the trip.  So if you find yourself visiting the Royal Ontario Museum – which if you visit Toronto, you definitely should – don’t miss the library!  For more information about the ROM Library, visit


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