Siskiyou County Library: Etna Branch – 7/5/13

2013-07-05 13.41.58 2013-07-05 13.42.35

It was the flowers that drew me away from conversations and cold beer (from the Etna Brewing Company) and into the library.  When I visited, the library’s garden was in full bloom and too inviting not to check out.

Inside, though small, library was cool and welcoming.  The homemade signs and expert quilt made me feel right at home.  When I visited, the library was completely staffed by volunteers welcomed me and provided some insight into the challenges of providing library services at a small, rural branch.

2013-07-05 13.48.432013-07-05 13.47.422013-07-05 13.49.11


The children’s section occupied about one third of the library’s space and if I were a kid growing up in Etna, I’m sure I would have loved the decorations, books, and toys.  Check out the awesome dragon!


2013-07-05 13.46.122013-07-05 13.48.32

I am happy I took a few minutes away from socializing to check out this friendly, small town branch library.  I left feeling buoyed by the dedication of its volunteers and by the knowledge that libraries remain open, providing services, and assisting patrons even in towns of less than 1000 residents!

For more information about the Etna Branch Library, visit


2 thoughts on “Siskiyou County Library: Etna Branch – 7/5/13

  1. Towns of under 1000? Easy! Take a look at Delavan, MN (not Delavan, WI) in! Population about 200, and one of my most amusing and unusual library visits yet.
    By the way, I may have visited the Etna library about 20 years ago; a friend in that area took me to one of the Siskiyou libraries, but I don’t recall which one. Which reminds me, if you go to my blog and search for Siskiyou, you’ll find a bit of library history from that area.

    • I’ll have to check it out! I’m definitely interested in rural libraries/libraries in small communities. I’m hoping to check out a tiny library that doubles as a post office (or vice versa) this summer.

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