Prelinger Library – 10/9/13

2013-10-09 20.18.53

A lot has been written (by folks write for a living and who are much more articulate than I – here, here, and here ) describing the many ways that the Prelinger Library is awesome and I can now tell you from experience, it’s all true.  Rick and Megan Prelinger kindly opened up the library to a big group of librarians, let us explore the collection, answered our questions, then gave us wine.  Seriously.

The library space is rad and the collection’s organization is as interesting as others have described, but the highlight for me was simply browsing through the stacks encountering surprising and delightful items at random.

2013-10-09 19.04.19 2013-10-09 19.06.03 2013-10-09 19.08.09 2013-10-09 19.13.32 2013-10-09 19.57.52 2013-10-09 19.58.04 2013-10-09 20.01.07 2013-10-09 20.04.45


The photos above are just a few of my favorites*, but I could have easily spent hours/weeks/days discovering unique/interesting/arresting materials that are simply unavailable (because of inaccuracy, low circulation, etc) at a typical public library.

The library’s hours are limited, but if you find yourself in San Francisco on a Wednesday afternoon, the Prelinger library is not to be missed!  For more information, visit

*not pictured: the awesome vintage road maps and 45s I brought home from the free bin



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