Newberry Library – 7/2/13

Outside the Newberry LibraryNow before you all get too excited, I didn’t actually get a chance to do research or sit in any of the Newberry Library’s famous reading rooms.

I definitely wish I had been more prepared and able to attend one of the library’s tours, but I had a great time nonetheless!  The Newberry library is housed in a lovely old building directly across from Washington Square Park.  It was raining when I arrived, but I was still able to imagine the quiet pleasure of taking a break from serious research on one of the park benches.

2013-07-02 12.14.10Revelry aside, this famous research library has something to offer to non-researchers like myself.  In addition to the beautiful facility, the library also has a lovely gallery and book store which are open to the public.  When I was visiting, the library was exhibiting rare religious texts which were beautiful and very old.  Sadly, I don’t have any pictures since it was quite dark in the gallery space.

Sign outside the Newberry LibraryEven though my visit to the Newberry  was brief, it was worth it for the chance to set foot in one of Chicago’s most famous libraries.  Next time I’ll have to have a research project or a tour lined up, though, since I imagine the collections are more impressive than anything I saw.

For more information about the Newberry Library, visit


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