Peninsula Library System: Free 2 Read & Ride at Millbrae Bart – 5/18/13

2013-04-14 13.57.09As a frequent rider of public transportation, from time to time I inevitably find myself waiting.  And while waiting is usually a thoroughly unpleasant experience, folks at the Millbrae transit hub can gain some comfort in knowing that the wait won’t be unbearable as they are in no longer in danger of being stuck waiting with nothing to read.  (If they are Peninsula Library System members, that is.)

So how exactly is the Peninsula Library System ensuring that your wait for a bus, BART, or CalTrain will be filled with story rather than boredom?  With an automated book lending machine, of course!  As soon as I read about the Free 2 Read & Ride machine at the Millbrae transit center, I knew I had to check it out.

On my first attempt, the system was down for repairs, but I was not to be deterred.  I returned about a week later and was able to select a book using the system’s simple touch screen.  After checking the book out a waited a couple of minutes, then voila! the book I checked out was automatically delivered to me, right at the train station!  I have no idea what kind of robot technology was at work inside the machine, which made the whole process seem all the more exciting and magical.

If you find yourself at the Millbrae transit center with nothing to read, definitely pay a visit to Free 2 Read & Ride!  For more information visit


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