Placer County Library: Kings Beach Branch – 5/11/2013

Do you ever walk into a library and immediately fall in love?  One minute, you’re simply about to check out the town library, then all of a sudden – ‘whoosh’ – you’re fantasizing about moving just for the chance to spend more time there.  No?  Well that may be because you’ve never visited the Kings Beach branch of the Placer County Library system.

2013-05-11 13.05.23

Even before I walked in I was smitten.  Was it the picnic area next to the library where I imagined hosting outdoor book clubs and kids programing?  (The gorgeous scenery around Lake Tahoe doesn’t hurt)

                                  2013-05-11 13.06.43      2013-05-11 13.06.04

Or maybe it was the cozy one-room interior decorated with tons of hand made kid art.  I’ve never dreamed of being a children’s librarian but those pictures and signs were enough to make me momentarily second-guess my career choices…

2013-05-11 13.11.34    2013-05-11 13.13.45   2013-05-11 13.14.20

And if the beauty of the surrounding area and the welcoming atmosphere inside aren’t enough to make you fall for this library, they also have a great locally themed (Lake Tahoe) collection and some lovely surprising touches (yes, that is a library scrapbook – now tell me you aren’t feeling a bit smitten)

2013-05-11 13.10.21    2013-05-11 13.11.20    2013-05-11 13.12.42

For more information about the Kings Beach branch of the Placer County Library system, visit their website at


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