Yolo County Library: Mary L. Stephens Davis Branch – 4/21/2013

I’ve mentioned library nostalgia on the blog before, but one library I that I hate to admit has never tugged on my heart strings is the local branch library in the town where I spent my teenage years.  Located adjacent to my high school, the Davis branch of the Yolo County library was completely unremarkable while also managing to seem both outdated and entirely uncool.  And while I spent a not unsubstantial number of hours there and checked out countless wonderful books, I moved on to other, more pleasant library spaces without looking back.  That is until last month when, on a lark, I decided to revisit my old branch.

2013-04-21 14.05.50Frankly, kids, I was shocked.  I had heard that the library had been remodeled, but I wasn’t prepared for the open, updated, and welcoming place the library had become.

The remodeled building lets in more light and includes expanded seating and study areas as well as a better defined teen space.  It hasn’t lost all of it’s history, though.

I was happy to see that old-school microfiche was not discarded in the remodel, but instead had found a home amidst all the modernity.2013-04-21 14.06.45


In addition to a fresh look, the library seemed to be implementing new (or at least new to me) and different engagement efforts.  I saw signs for their youth “read off your fines” program and I stopped to admire the public suggestion board where patrons had posted materials requests and library suggestions.  At the top of each sheet librarians had responded indicating whether any action was taken and if not, why.  I was very impressed by the open approach the library had taken to responding to feedback.

And if all this gushing wasn’t enough to convince you that the new Mary L. Stephens Davis branch library has gone from a place I avoided to one you should visit, check out this awesome bench at the entrance:

2013-04-21 14.16.33

For more information about the Mary L. Stephens Davis branch of the Yolo County Library system, visit http://www.yolocounty.org/Index.aspx?page=256


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