Powell’s Books – 2/21/2013

Okay, I have to admit that I’m still not 100% sure how I feel about including a post about a bookstore on a blog that’s supposed to be about libraries, but I’ve decided to live with my reservations and tell you about Powell’s.

2013-02-21 18.00.56

Despite my efforts to resist its charms, Powell’s ended up stealing my heart along with way too much of my money.  Advertising its self as the largest new and used book store in the world, the main Powell’s bookstore (City of Books) takes up a full city block in downtown Portland, OR.  The store houses over 1,000,000 volumes divided into 3,500 maze-like and browse-friendly sections.  And as if that weren’t enough, the store also has a number of other locations scattered across town.

I ended up visiting both the downtown location and the Powell’s books on Hawthorn and walking away with more books than I could comfortably carry and this awesome t-shirt


which (sorry about the blurry pic) says Born to Read in the center.  Well ain’t that the truth!

I also spent several blissful hours loosing myself in rooms full almost to the ceiling of bookshelves, reading staff reviews, and munching on a chocolate cookie at the in-store cafe.  If you find yourself in Portland, do yourself a favor and step out of the rain for a while to wander around Powell’s books.  Just don’t blame me when you come out significantly poorer than when you went in.

For more information, visit Powell’s website at http://www.powells.com/


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