Multnomah County Library: Northwest Library – 2/21/2013

2013-02-21 10.25.02I hate to admit this, but breakfast was my real motivation for visiting the Northwest Library. No, the library wasn’t serving breakfast (Though wouldn’t that be cool – don’t even get me started on my feelings about the possibilities for food in libraries and – I could go ON and ON…) but a lovely cafe around the corner was. After having eaten more than my fill of huevos rancheros – who doesn’t love salsa in the morning? – I figured I should pop my head into this small branch library. It was totally worth it!

Why? you ask. Yes, the building is cute and the library displays were heartwarming in their neighborliness but what really made the detour was one of their window displays:2013-02-21 10.25.45

I’d heard of libraries doing programs for kids using Legos before and thought it was a neat idea, but my interest stopped there. Well, this window display was all it took to rekindle my excitement! Hello, Flying Murder Ship!  Yes, the title is maybe a tad violent, but frankly, I don’t care.  Even now, a few weeks later, imagining those excited kids looking up to see their Lego creations so prominently displayed makes me all warm and fuzzy.  Yay for library programming and for the Northwest Branch Library for making my morning!

To visit the Northwest Library’s displays yourself, check out their website at


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