University of San Francisco: Gleeson Library – 2/7/2013

I have to admit that I only trekked all the way out to the University of San Francisco (USF)’s  Gleeson Library today so that I could attend a talk about Digital Humanities.  That said, I did find a few minutes to explore and soon discovered that nestled out on the absolutely beautiful USF campus is a nice little academic library.

2013-02-07 11.07.50

Upon entering the library I walked through the Thatcher Gallery, located on the library’s first floor, which was displaying a beautiful installation of hand-cut paper art.  As I made my way upstairs and into the stacks I realized two things: 1. the library is warm (maybe too warm for effective studying but pleasantly warm for a visitor like myself) and 2. the library is quiet!  Each of the floors is designated for a certain noise level and maybe it was the time of day that I visited, but the students were taking that shit seriously.  While wandering through the ‘Silent’ floor I swear, I could have heard a pin drop.

2013-02-07 13.13.42The talk was located in the library’s rare books room, which seemed to, you know, have a lot of sweet rare books.  The room was also awesomely wood-panelled and contained some neat artifacts including a vintage printing press.  Sadly, I don’t have any photos since taking cell phone photos of rare books during someone’s talk is rude!  Nevertheless, let me assure you, it’s worth stopping into.

Finally, the library has a much toted atrium-style reading room (also on the first floor).  I have to admit that I somehow managed to skip this altogether, but I saw it from the outside and it does look lovely.

If you are interested in learning more or visiting* the Gleeson Library, check out their website at

*The library has gates at the entrances that require a student/staff card to open.  That said, after I explained my reason for visiting (the lecture) the lovely librarians let me in and even helped me to find my way.  If you want to visit the library, I suggest calling ahead to confirm and perhaps signing up for a tour.


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