Suzzallo and Allen Libraries – 01/28/2013

2013-01-28 15.31.37The University of Washington students I know refer to Suzzallo as the main “graduate library” on the Seattle campus.  Where I went to undergrad we only hand one main library, so clearly the UW has us beat.  I’m not bitter, though, because the Suzzallo library is an awesome place to visit.

The building, constructed in the 1920’s, is a beautiful example of Gothic architectural style.  Inside you will, if you have time, find over 2 million print volumes, computer and open space, the several reading rooms, and a variety of special collections.  Given the size of the library and (to some degree) my own laziness, I wasn’t able to even scratch the surface of what they have to offer.

2013-01-28 15.32.57

I did make it to the Hogwarts-esque Suzzallo reading room and across the enclosed walkway to the Allen Library, which is newer than Suzzallo, but equally lovely.  While I was meandering in the library I definitely got a vibe (yes, I know, the whole idea of ‘vibes’ is totally moronic, but bear with me here) of intellectual curiosity and studiousness which made me downright nostalgic for academia.

If you hate the rain or simply don’t have a way of making it to the University of Washington, the library has a fun virtual tour as well as many photos and lots of information on their website:


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